The Classical Music Guide for

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

November 20, 1997

Japanese version


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Legend of the Galactic Heroes is an anime space epic of Tolstoy-like proportions (over 100 episodes!). The series' creators complement the drama on the screen with music as grand as the story they itself--the symphonic works of Mahler and Bruckner and Beethoven and Brahms, along other great classical music.

If you became interested in Legend of the Galactic Heroes because you are a fan of anime, but have not heard a lot of classical music, LoGH will be a great introduction to some of the best music ever written. And if you're into classical music, and enjoy compelling characters and a great plot, but have never seen anime, LoGH is a fantastic first experience!

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About This Guide

Tohru Kawasaki <> maintains this guide and made the initial English translation.

David Bedell <> is trying to finish the English translation and attempting to make the English pages as beautiful as the Japanese.